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Katie is a Homeopath in London with over 20 years conventional medical experience who helps children and adults living with anxiety, panic attacks and/or depression, plus many other physical symptoms. For your drug free, side effect free remedy options click above for a free 15 minute Skype or Zoom consultation.

Other health and behavioural problems (Eczema, IBS, Colitis, Menopause, Immunity, asthma to name a few)  can also benefit from Homeopathic intervention, please book to discuss further. 

Katie Biggs RSCN. Dip Hom ACH. RS Hom

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Feedback We’ve Received

What Katies Clients have to say following consultation

"I suffer with severe Kidney impairment, Katie is so approachable, knowledgeable and genuinely a lovely person to know. Her therapy has helped my overall kidney function to improve" 

Maria Demetriou. London


Kate has made a massive difference for my 10 year old. I can honestly say I have my daughter back, she is coping with her hormones and the changes she is going through.

I honestly can’t thank you enough. Highly recommend Kate and homeopathic treatment.

Rachel. Devon

Girl with Dogs

"After taking the remedy Katie recommended for me, I gradually began to feel more capable and clear headed.
I honestly feel my future is much brighter. I would highly recommend her."

Anon. London

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"The first day of taking my remedies, I felt like I was on valium, not that I've had valium before, but how I'd imagine it to be. 
The following morning I awoke feeling energised & buzzing. This trend has continued... 

My diabetes symptoms (blurred vision, thirst, tiredness, numbness & pain in hands and feet) have all gone! I'm no longer irritable either. 

My scalp is nowhere near as itchy & has calmed down! 
Nausea has vanished! 
My mood is even & a more positive balance. 
My skin isn't as itchy or dry. 

In conclusion, I think we can say you've metaphorically hit it out of the park! *slam dunk* 

Thank you! You are AWESOME & many other superlatives to go with it! "

Danny Greene Tyne & Wear

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Whitehall Rd, Woodford, Woodford Green IG8 0RG, UK

07932 646306

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