Adventures in Greece, keeping it local and driving help for #anxiety & stress

It has been a busy quarter for Homeopathy4Health Woodford #Hompath80.

I popped over to the Greek Island of Alonissos to the Renowned College of Classical Homeopathy run by the world famous Professsor George Vithoulkas.

Here among 200 Homeopaths we learned about Prince Charles becoming the Patron for the Faculty of Homeopathy in the UK which is fantastic news, the royals have used Homeopathy for over 150 years.

Lots of discussion and evidence given on topics such as inflammation pathways and the role Homeopathy can play in ensuring a complete pathway takes place as opposed to being interrupted by conventional methods which could then go on to initiate a constant state of chronic inflammation in the system. Through using a #homeopathic approach it is possible to promote proper acute inflammation pathways and resolve them successfully without permanent harm.

The path into the Classical International College of Homeopathy

We witnessed the current evidence and wealth of research coming out of India in particular on Homeopathy and one paper which concentrated on treating Psoriasis and the cases included showed complete remission of this debilitating skin disease.

Following the signs to enlightenment

Whilst back in London i have become connected with the Woodford Village Bookshop (helps when they have used homeopathy themselves). Going forward i hope to run a regular drop in clinic every month in their rear consultation room and once they have their table (i hear its a long one and coming with a coffee machine) delivered i will be organising some talks to explain how Homeopathy can help you and your family.

Another plan in the pipe line is that I am working with a local large business to provide education on managing anxiety and stress to its employees. This will then lead to an ongoing affiliation where i will be available for drop in chats to staff. They will also be putting in place a Homeopathic First aid kit alongside the conventional one, bet the new one is used more!

If you feel Homeopathy could help you or your child or family member please do contact me for an informal chat and check out the FAQ page on this site.

Email me at or message me on FB #Hompath80 at #Homeopathy for Health Woodford

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