Catch a Corona

As a nurse myself still working on the front line, in peoples homes bringing care to those who cant attend hospital, I am only too aware of the stress and worry it is causing staff. I initially wanted to write how Homeopathy can help with transient stress like this caused by maintaining causes such as what we are now experiencing.

I have previously covered these remedies such as Kali Phosphoricum and Aconite amongst many others (you must know why and what to take, seek advice from a Homeopath) so was pondering what to cover here.

I was then contacted by a medical colleague who I was seeing for a regular follow up and they told me they had Coronavirus symptoms, this has since been confirmed as such.

Her symptoms started with fever, and a pounding head so the remedy choice was simple and effective. After 2 days of taking this first remedy she developed a cough which had the symptoms of being aggravated by cold air and worse for lying on the left, this led me to the next remedy. We stayed with the final remedy until symptoms were gone in total 7 days later.

Above all what struck me helping this client was the fear that was experienced and how i was able to walk through the experience with them (albeit remotely by phone) and reassure and help accordingly. They felt listened to and comforted and the remedies eased the symptoms.

The cruellest part of this disease is the infectious nature and the subsequent isolation which can cause increased fear, anxiety and a loss of spirit, people are being left to fend for themselves in bedrooms their partners are told to avoid so they sit with their symptoms wondering 'will i too die?'. Quite terrifying really. A homeopath with the required clinical experience on the end of a phone or video call is very reassuring and it is satisfying to be doing something proactive to stimulate the immune system to kick in and fight the invader.

I am offering a 50% off voucher for consultation to all NHS employees who are putting themselves at risk right now. (£35 including offer for consult including the main remedy)

Message me or call me for a free 15 minute chat to see if its right for you and stay as safe as you can by following government advice on isolation, cleaning and hand washing.

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