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It was an honour - yes being asked to talk to Parliament staff about the Menopause but daunting also. However my talk on using a natural Homeopathic approach to helping Menopause symptoms was extremely well received, so much so i was treated like a celebrity in the gift shop afterwards by the lovely ladies who work there.

Women worldwide and Doctors alike are confused and concerned and rightly so. Research in the last 20 years has scared women off HRT (WHI 2002) and other research (Nachtigall etal) is claiming it is now safer than originally thought. However the first study looked at a million women and the second only 80, plus the Woman at the heart of the Pro HRT studies has financial links with the pharmaceutical company producing HRT, this is also called a conflict of interest.

After studying the literature myself it remains confusing some mitigate the risks associated with HRT whilst acknowledging risk is still present and other research highlights risks such as increases in ovarian cancers.

In my opinion and I feel this way about all pharmaceutical use; Less is always more, and information and choice are paramount as is the respect we should give one another for those informed and personal choices.

We all have our own susceptibility factors to disease and familial history comes into this.

Ask yourself what factors do I have already increasing my risk? Do you have ;

Obesity or lifestyle factors such as poor diet and smoking or close family members with cancer diagnoses? These should all be considered when making your choice.

If you do decide to opt for HRT, inform yourself has information to guide you on HRT choices and there are some good support forums on Face book to share experiences and drug recommendations.

Also discuss with your GP the dosage and type of HRT and remember less is more and don't forget to start low as you can always increase and review it yearly don't stay on it unnecessarily. Some doctors are now prescribing SSRIs for hot flushes,a drug previously used for treating depression, it is not licensed for this use yet so no testing has been done so beware and please check the side effects before you agree.

Very kindly I was given a private tour of parliament following my presentation and was shown the New Dawn window; a new artists installation (Mary Branson) in honour of the suffragette movement, these wonderful women sacrificed everything so we had choices lets make the most of them.

If your choice is the natural route please do get in touch here at Homeopathy4Health Woodford to discuss a plan of action.

We have 100s of remedies waiting to be matched to your individual symptoms.

Homeopathy is individualised, we take the minute details such as the direction of the hot flush, location and time and whether its a dry heat or produces sweat. Another example of this is; the mood may be irritable, tearful or indifferent and this would all indicate a different remedy. In conventional medicine everyone gets the same medicine despite the sometimes gulf of differences between symptoms.



Im seeing patients requesting help already for hayfever. Homeopathy can really help with symptoms and we have some 30 remedies to apply for this condition and avoid the side effects and toxic load of antihistamines.

Very common side effects of Piriton which is a commonly prescribed antihistamine are;

Blurred vision, dry mouth, Gastro disturbances, headache, psycho motor impairment and urinary retention. I wont freak you out with the rare ones! Again this brings me back to my mantra 'Less is more' and the less pharmaceuticals we use the healthier we can keep our bodies in the long run. We are barraged daily with itragenic and environmental factors like pollution, radiation and stress. If we then add pharmaceuticals in to the mix our risk of other diseases and side effects are obviously increased.

Starting early helps with success rates with Homeopathy so get in touch to discuss further.


I apply this less is more mantra to my own family. My son fractured his Scaphoid bone in his hand playing football this week and i treated it with immobilisation, Arnica tincture and ibuprofen spray.

Shocked to hear me using a pharmaceutical? Well don't be, I am a nurse after all but mostly I considered what was needed and the best way to give it. By applying it in a spray we bypass the majority of the gastric side effects (which are quite scary) plus it was very painful and although the Arnica helped a lot, the spray helped him get through the school day. Choose wisely always.


If any of my patients want advice on naturally building immunity to stay well this flu season please drop me a message. I will share my approach that I am applying with my family, we have no guarantees but lots can be done to improve our overall health and response to catching a virus.

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