Remedy of the month

Kalium Phosphoricum

I cannot promote the value of this remedy enough but I will have a shot at it.

I will now confess to the audience I was not always so angelic and toxin free, I used to smoke.

I know; how hypocritical? (bows head in shame). However I fell into that category of person who needed a crutch, an emotional one. Smoking was mine for a while, it took the edge off that stressed out , nerves on edge kind of feeling. I tell you this because Kali Phos is the smokers alternative.

This tissue salt which is a replacement therapy (you take it as an SOS when needed) is "one of the greatest nerve remedies" Thankyou William Boericke.

It is great for over worked, worried, anxious people. Irritability, fatigue, people who feel better for warmth, rest and nourishment. Feel familiar?

I hasten to add its my new crutch if needed, hopefully I will live a bit longer as a result.

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