To catch a cold catch it early

Ferrum Phosphoricum Album.

I have used this tissue salt a hundred times to abort the sniffles, that stingy sore throat that you just know is going to turn nasty by the morning or a general congestive feeling coming on. It still amazes me but I also know its best taken as soon as you feel the symptoms' coming on. Its wonderful and has no side effects!!

Taken in a 3x form (6x or 6c will do if you cant find 3x) its gentle but powerful in stimulating your immune system to galvanise the forces and send in the troops to send those germs packing.

Perfect for the home first aid kit or your holiday kit and at this time of year to keep at hand.

Suck 4 tablets every 4 hours until improvement (2 for younger children, under 2's ask your Homeopath).

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