Why Use Homeopathy

Updated: Aug 3

Why would you not use it?

Most people I encounter fall into one of two categories; either they know Homeopathy's potential, use it and love it or they don't know what it is and are wary of anything alternative.

Before using it myself 17 years ago. I was a conventional Nurse and I too fell into the latter group. You could say I may have been a tad judgemental if I had ever come across a parent who suggested Homeopathic approaches. We are mere mortals after all!

It was for me as it is for so many of us converts, a state of utter desperation that led me to seek Homeopathy for my two sons who were suffering from recurrent ear infections and the other tonsillitis. The antibiotics they were repeatedly prescribed made them vomit and me tear my hair out with frustration and I was at my wits end.

Ironically it was another nurse who suggested a local Homeopath and off I went reluctantly spending my hard earned cash to find answers.

It was all a bit alien, I was asked some slightly strange questions and lots more than I was ever asked by the GP. Such as when is it worse day or night and what colour is the discharge.

In a nutshell the remedies worked I never had to have pink goo medication spat back into my face again and I went about my business.

The real lightbulb moment was years later on the birth of my daughter and by now was already acting like a alternative thinker, having her at home with a private midwife in attendance (using up my life savings in the process #imworthit)

I had terrible mastitis (inflammation/infection of the milk ducts) with both my previous babies and on que it set in again, flu and fever ravaged my already knackered body and my midwife calmly popped a tiny pill on my tongue. This turned out to be Homeopathic Belladonna (life saver).

Within minutes my fever subsided and I felt again like myself, with repeated doses and some warm compresses and massage we rode it out the other side and for the first time post partum I didn't have to take antibiotics.

This really lit up my interest and led to a 3 year course in Chelmsford studying classical Homeopathy. I was a convert to the 200 + year old medicine.

I have never looked back, the remedies are safe and last for years, they travel well and so accompany on all holidays and days out (panic sets in if I don't have them).

They have saved us from food poisoning, travel sickness, bumps, bruises, flu, fever and even allergic reactions to gnat bites and heat rash ( a real kill joy on holiday in 40 degree heat).

I cannot recommend it enough, get a basics book, start with tissue salts they are easy, Margaret Roberts has written a wonderful book for beginners.

Ferrum phos is amazing for first signs of an illness/fever.

Natrum Phos is wonderful for gastric acid, bilious feeling.

Kali Phos is a blinder for stress relief (think driving test nerves).

These are just teasers to get you interested its a complex system and takes years to master but its empowering and satisfying to help your family.

More chronic issues like depression, eczema, Bowel issues, post viral fatigue and many more require a trained Homeopath to crack the case.

To book an appointment contact me at www.hompath80.co.uk

Or Homeopathyforhealth999@gmail.com

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